Belgian Bombings

brussellsI’m not a political type of person, yes I was union rep back in the 90s but I think that was me wanting to exert some authority in a business environment prior to becoming a manager back in the day, but I digress, and being politically neutral I view world events from a moer moralistic stance. Sure they ar my morals but I think I have enough of a grasp on reality to be considered ‘a normal person’. Therefore things like revenge attacks and terrorism disgust me.

brussells02I grew up in the 70s when the IRA were the threat that I was aware of it was on the news often as the bombing were, then as time passed the bombing slowed and things shifted to a more global view as the West and East Europe issue conflict dominated but there was no terrorism just the threat of world destruction under the fingers of Russians and Americans. Since the  emphasis shifted to the Middle East/West and major terrorist attacks in New York (9-11), London, Paris and now Brussells.

What makes this attack disgusting is that it is most likely an act of revenge on the Belgians who had the audacity to arrest the man accused of being a major figure in the Paris bombings. These terrorists have no morals and don’t deserve anyone’s respect. I’m really confused as to why these terrorists see these barbaric acts as form of justice. Does it not just create even more hatred towards them and their cause?

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