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As an avid F1 fan I’ve been keen to see the rise and rise of Max Verstappen. To see him promoted into the main Red Bull Racing team last week excites me and yet at the same time worries me. I am certain that this man child is a future World Champion and that he has the potential to dominate the sport for many years and because of his age smash records set by the greatest drivers of the past. It is no secret that the motive was one of Red Bull keeping Verstappen in the Red Bull stables but also by the demotion of Daniil Kvyat it has lowered his market value and therefore possibly putting off potential suitors for a seat next season. Its one of those evil genius corporate decisions that make or break companies and people.

You may argue that the promotion from Toro Rosso to Red Bull is a small change but I disagree, the shift of expectation is huge and I’d rather see him complete another couple of season to hone what is a precocious talent with the demand of being a World Champion before he is 21. But as the father of an 18 year old boy I know how immature they are and how easily distracted they can be by pretty much anything and, lets be honest he isn’t exactly a strong looking boy and those F1 cars can have a nasty kick and I’d hate to see him lose control and be involved in a serious accident and lost to the sport too early.

The current record holder for youngest F1 world champion is Seb Vettel who was 23 years old when he won his first title back in 2010 when Verstappen was 12. Think about that as Vettel is still far from being over the hill and is still 6 years younger than a 35 year old Michael Schumacher won his last title. Verstappen has loads of time to develop and still smash all the records without pushing him to fast and burning him out, or worse.

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