Twitter TV?


So Twitter have won the rights to broadcast live NFL games. That is really unexpected news and one that both excites and worries me slightly.It excites me because I may be able to get to see some live NFL without having to spend the price of a ticket each month and while it may only be the Thursday night game it is better than nothing and I may get to see the Falcons live once this year.However the excitement is outweighed with a lot of fear. Not because Twitter won, but because they were one of many social media brands bidding for the coverage (Yahoo, Amazon and Facebook were also in the running).

This is a massive shift to the way live action TV is delivered and as one of the worlds super high-speed internet have-nots, my ISP can only get me 2mbps, means another step backwards for my ability to get quality broadcasts unless I move home. The BBC have already made BBC 3 online only and that is a sign of what is to become, I’m not saying this progress is bad just not good for us have-nots.

Here in the UK the telcos need to up their game to protect the little man and not leave rural communities in dark ages. I know BT are working on fibre like speeds over copper but one telco isn’t enough as it leaves us with no choice so its time for the other telcos step up to the plate and give us at least some options.

So hopefully I’ll be able to download and watch it pseudo live rather than watch a stream because if that happens I’ll be no better off than I am now. Is it time to move to the US? I can but dream.

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