Stopping People Searching You by your Phone Number on Facebook

Ever had Facebook recommend someone you “know” because you added that trademan into your contacts list? I know I have, to stop people you share your number with getting you recommended as a friend you need to change the default Facebook permission. To do this is simple but not easily uncovered if you don’t know how. So I’m here to show you the simple steps which are correct at the time of writing, which is 1 September 2019. If Facebook changes the look and feel the options may vary sligfhtly.

First you need to log into Facebook and hit the Home button

Next, click your name in the top left.


Now you need to click on “About” and then “Contact and Basic Info”

If you now hover the mouse over your mobile number it will reveal the edit option

Click Edit and you will be presented with a drop down menu which will allow you to select who sees your mobile number through Facebook, as you see mine is set to “Only Me” but as long as it isn’t “Public” you’ll not be revealing the number to everyone.

My recommendation is to use only 2 of the possible choices, “Only Me” or “Friends”as anything else means people who may not actually know you can be recommended as friends.


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