Postcard from America: Day 20 – Jack Daniel’s Isn’t Bourbon

Today we set off early for the tour of the Jack Daniel’s distillery which was 20 miles from our overnight stop in Manchester, TN.

We got there in time for the first tour which was perfect as we still had 8 hours driving to do to end the day. The tour was good and highly recommended the biggest surprise was seeing Jack Daniel’s killer, a safe…

Like our tour of the Bayou Rum distillery much of the tour prohibited photography which I don’t understand the reason for but they make the rules 😢.

We discovered that all Jack Daniel’s drinks come direct from the distillery in Lynchburg, TN and each bottle is bottled and packed by hand. Also, I got reminded that Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee Whisky NOT a bourbon. So take note.

In a lighter moment we made a pitstop in a McDonald’s in Knoxville, Tenessee and found one of the staff picking a pair of mansized underpants from the floor just inside the door. How you and up losing your underpants there I have no idea but it made Louise and I giggle.

As we left Knoxville, TN we got a little rainstorm which forced us to drive at 20mph for 30 minutes. We ended another long driving day in Wytheville Viginia ready to make our push to Washington DC and a third long driving day.


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