Postcard from America: Day 8 – Stays in Vegas

We started day 8 with another museum trip out guide was a spritely lady we worked out was in her now 80s. We saw a telephone swutchbiard that my wife claims she used in the early 1990s so mum should also recognise that. There is also a collection of woodworking imlements tgat Dad shoul recignise too.

As we pulled away from the museum we also saw a proper coke lorry delivering coke to the store next door. On our trip to Vegas we believe we saw a bushfire start. Finally I noticed a funny sign at a fuel stop in Beaver.

The day ended in Vegas and Louise and I both agreed that we are not Vegas people and both wished we stopped closer to the Grand Canyon in a little motel. Still if we had never tried Vegas we would have always regretted not trying it.


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