I’m So Excited!


With just 9 days left to go before my wife and I set off to New York for our 25th Anniversary USA Road Trip I’m getting both excited and nervous. My biggest concern is the car hire, if that goes wrong the whole trip goes up in smoke but I’m sure that won’t happen, right? At least if the agent I have used lets me down, we have a credit card and if that fails me Id have had bigger problems with the trip anyway. I’m hoping to sneak an upgrade from the Ford Taurus to Ford Taurussomething a bot more sporty but if I can’t make that happen the Taurus is a very good second place and for our length of trip probably more comfortable anyway.


The next worry is my health, I’ve been relatively healthy since coming off of the night shift working pattern until April when I lost half a tooth eating a pizza and have spent the last 3 months trying to get it sorted, that is now bodged by my dentist who has put a short term filling in which I’m hoping will last closer to the 2 years he estimates and not the 2 weeks that I fear. Then last Thursday evening I started to come down with a cold and that has now kicked in and I can barely speak as doing so makes me cough my lungs up like I used to before I gave up smoking some 9 years ago, yes folks it was really that long ago I gave up the even weed, not THAT WEED, I meant tobacco which apart from alcohol and adreneline is the hardest drug I’ve ever consumed, yep I’m a real life party pooper.

Anyways that me just sharing my immediate thoughts prior to me embarking on a day of world class sport watching and hoping that 2 out of 3 will give victory to 2 British sportsmen (Lewis Hamiltoin and Andrew Murray) and having to suck up to the French as Id rather see them win Euro 2016 than the Portuguese.

Have fun folks 🙂

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