I Love Bourbons


Not just the American style of whiskey, becuase I am partial to a good bourbon, so much so that I’m off to the Jack Daniels’s Distillery this summer when I cross the pond, but also the humble little biscuit made from two oblong chocolate flavoured biscuits with a  chocolate buttercream filling. They have been my favourite for years and the reason I love them is their simplicity and versatility. They’re great dunked in tea or coffee and yet can also been eaten dry and still taste great.

Bourbon_800x356So what is the reason I’m telling you this? Well it seems that Storm Desmond hit one of the production centres of this humble snack in Carlisle. I just assumed it was me having bad timing when visiting the supermarkets. Hopefully things will be restored to normal soon but for now I’m having to suffer inferior biscuits

A couple of interesting facts about the Bourbon Biscuit is that it was originally called Creola when Peek Freens invented it back in 1910 before they renamed it sometime in the 1930s after the House of Bourbon, for no other reason than it gave it a more up market style name which ironically takes me back to the American whiskey as that too is so named because of a connection with the House of Bourbon, because the reason the whiskey is named bourbon is, depending on which story you believe, because the home of bourbon whiskey is either Bourbon county, Kentucky which got its name after the American war of independence as a nod to the Bourbon king of France, Louis XVI, for his help against us Brits or from Bourbon Street, New Orleans, where copious amounts of the whiskey was consumed and New Orleans was founded by the French and named after the Bourbon Duke of Orleans, son of Louis XIV.

Anyway that’s my views on the best biscuit what is your favourite?

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