Day 05 – The Plan

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kansas denver-skyline

Day 5 Kansas City, MO to Denver, CO

Links to Points of Interest

  • Harley Davidson factory tour takes visitors through the manufacturing and assembly processes of the Sportster®, Dyna and VRSC families of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Visitors can watch as raw materials turn into custom made American motorcycles all here in Kansas City. Note: children must be at least 12 years and accompanied by adult.
  • Log Courthouse Constructed as Jackson County’s first government building in 1827, the Log Courthouse was once the only courthouse west of St. Charles, MO. Judge Harry S. Truman held court here in the 1930s. The Courthouse was also previously a mercantile store for early Mormon settlers.
  • The Money Museum’s interactive exhibits teach visitors about the Federal Reserve’s role within the economy. Visitors can also see the region’s largest cash vault, lift a 27-pound gold bar and view President Harry S. Truman’s extensive coin collection. Bonus: all visitors leave with a bag of shredded currency.
  • City of Fountains Kansas City takes pride in the nickname “the City of Fountains” and for good reason. More than 200 majestic fountains adorn the city, from quaint neighborhoods to major town landmarks. Be sure the visit the newly renovated J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain located at the Country Club Plaza for a look at one of the most popular fountains in the area.
  • Haskell Indian Nations University, which first opened in 1884 as a boarding school in Lawrence, KS. The collection not only celebrates the history of Native education but the vast tribal history of the land as well.
  • Roasterie tour Kansas City’s famous coffee-roasting company and learn all about the unique cupping, roasting and blending process that make The Roasterie KC’s best coffee. After the tour, enjoy a fresh brew in the Factory Café.

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