Postcard from America: Day 11 – Is Los Angeles the Pits?

Los Angeles day 2 and we battled the trip from Santa Ana to downtown L.A. for a second time and discovered out experience was not a one off a 40 mile run in took 2 hours. How do these folks put up with that?

Thankfully once there both museums we planned on visiting were within walking distance meaning we got away with only 1 parking fee 😆.

The LA Brea Tar Pits were the first call for more bones to inspect for Louise.

After a good trick lunch, which seems to be a Californian ‘thing’ we walked to the Petersen Motor Museum and on the way passed some odd art in some concrete slabs that I jokingly claimed must be part of the Berlin Wall, only to discover a few minutes later that they were just that!

That cars in the Petersen were an odd mix of rare and unusal vehicles, iconic cars, cars from movies and TV and some odd ‘art’ cars.


2 thoughts on “Postcard from America: Day 11 – Is Los Angeles the Pits?

  1. Did you take your work laptop, I need you to look at a change.
    Soryy for the bad language, only joking—JB

  2. Looks like you are both having a great time! Shame you won’t be hitting CH1. If you get chance there’s a great little Coffee Bar in Marina Del Rey called Joni’s on Washington Blvd, we stopped of for coffee and cake on our last day before our flight home …memorable ….

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