Postcard from America: Day 10 – All the Way

Today was the day we made out first coast to coast run across the US as we left Vegas and arrived in Low Angeles.

Vegas was a blazing 111C when we left at 9am and our first stop in California was Baker, on the outer edge of Death Valley where we stopped for breakfast at the Mad Greek Cafe.

We continued towards L.A. and as we got closer the traffic density rice but thankfully the temperature dropped to ‘only’ 98C. The plan once in L.A. was to visit the Natural History Museum of LA and looked at more dinosaur bones.

After we left the Natural History Museum of LA we set off for our evenings entertainment at Medieval Times courtesy of one of my Aircraft buddies Erik. The traffic was horrendous and our 20 mile journey took about 2 hours 😠.

However after we arrived everything went well and Erik had planned a number of surprises for us. First was an announcement of our 25th wedding anniversary but the biggest was that he had arranged that he would be the winning champion knight and was therefore able to choose a queen for the night which was Louise. I felt very humbled by this because Erik was simply someone I met through playing Warcraft and my podcast about Warcraft. It just prooves that friendships don’t need to rely on face to face contact to be real and that people across the world can share acts of kindness to one another and with all the bad news we see in the press there is another untold side that truly gives me hope for the future of mankind.


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