Postcard from America: Day 9 – Cowabunga Tours

Our day visiting the sights outside Vegas didn’t quite go as planned.

Firstly we set the SatNav to the official address of the Grand Canyon Skywalk and when we arrived at the destination of Peach Springs Arizona couldn’t find the Grand Canyon a quick GPS check revealed we were 40 miles south of the location and the road distance was 92 miles of diet track away. We therefore had to head back 100 miles along the route we had taken and then take a tarmac road 50 miles long. Along this road we had a narrow escape with a cow which thankfully Louise avoided and the only casualty was the coolbox.

We eventually got there some 4 hours later than we hoped andas the visit contained a more than we anticipated meant we lhadeft the Skywalk site much later than planned and resulted in a mad dash to the Hoover Dam.


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